Notice to our customers about COVID-19


Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the rain we’ve been having, we would like to assure our customers that Western Magnesite will continue to provide service when possible. We understand that with many people staying home, it will be harder for our crews to work certain jobs. We ask for your cooperation and inform us if work will be allowed for your company/project. We will continue to communicate with our customers and try to keep you informed about scheduling and delays relating to weather or otherwise. Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times.

Update March 20, 2020:

Western Magnesite will continue with business as usual as we are part of the exempt group under section 13. (h) and 15. (b) ii. as worded in the Safer at Home Order from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.


The following trades are exempt:



Essential businesses (as it relates to construction) are defined as:

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On behalf of all at Western Magnesite Company, we wish you all good health and stay safe. 

The End of the Magnesite Era

The end of the magnesite era has come. In southern California – the only supplier of magnesite will no longer be supplying the product. Hence, we will no longer be able to repair or replace any magnesite decking as of today, but don’t fret. We have two alternate waterproofing systems that are better than magnesite. Those are the Desert Flex System and the Desert Crete Decking System.

The Desert Flex System can go over concrete, polymer modified concrete, magnesite, elastomeric and other such systems. It is a four layer system with a fiberglass and resin layer acting as the main waterproofing barrier. The fiberglass and resin layers allow for movement as well as continued protection even if a crack develops on the surface.

The Desert Crete Decking System is a product that will need to go over 5/8” exterior grade plywood. It is the best product in new construction. This system also has the fiberglass and resin layer and is fire-retardant. It is the best and most used product out of this office.

Both products offered come in either a knockdown finish, orange peel finish or a smooth finish. Though, it is best if we apply the knockdown or orange peel finishes as they provide the most slip resistance. They also come in a variety of color sealers to choose from.

CALL US TODAY AT 1 (800) WEST-MAG (1-800-937-8624)  and speak with the experts on alternative ways to repair your magnesite decking. You can also email us ( today to get your estimate.

What is the right color for your deck?

Before Western Magnesite repaired the walkway.

It has been popular in the past for people to choose light colors for their homes and rentals. If you want it to truly stand the test of time, choosing a darker color for a high traffic areas would suit best. The walkway on the top is old and worn. It originally had an off white color that would constantly get dirty and stained. The walkway on the bottom is the same one after it was repaired with the Desert Flex System and with a darker different color. The new color brings the whole area together and will maintain its clean appearance much longer than the white ever did. With a regular cleaning using a mild detergent and a push brush the walkway will continue to keep its new clean look. There are an array of colors available for everyone’s needs. Ask your installer for a color chart associated with the type of system being installed to your deck, walkway or stairway. Remember to consider if it will be a high traffic area or if the tenants are prone to spills and carelessness. Choosing the right color will extend the life of your property and the work for many years to come. Contact us for a quote. 

After Western Magnesite repaired the walkway with the Desert Flex System.


Holiday Cheer

Holiday wishes!

It is mid-December and the holidays are upon us. It feels like this year just flew right by and like many of you out there, we are running around trying to get our holiday shopping done and making sure our New Year’s plans are in order. Everyone is looking forward to some good food, quality family time and a well-deserved rest, even if it is only for one day.

It has been an exceptional year with new opportunities and new beginnings. We hired a new office assistant and some guys for our on the field crews. Everyone seems to fit right in. We have reconnected with old relationships and look forward to the building of new ones.

We want to take a moment and thank all our customers who are keeping us busy well into the New Year! Thank you to our suppliers for keeping us supplied all year long. There were some tough moments, but you always came through with anything we needed. Much appreciation to our regular customers for always thinking of us and all the business you bring our way. We also want to thank our new customers for giving us an opportunity to make something beautiful again. Without any of you, we would not be in business.

Let’s bring this year to a fruitful end by enjoying our food and drink with our family and friends. May you all enjoy the abundance of joy and cheer that surround us during this time and we hope next year brings us all the best. Happy Holidays and a very prosperous New Year!