What is the right color for your deck?

Before Western Magnesite repaired the walkway.

It has been popular in the past for people to choose light colors for their homes and rentals. If you want it to truly stand the test of time, choosing a darker color for a high traffic areas would suit best. The walkway on the top is old and worn. It originally had an off white color that would constantly get dirty and stained. The walkway on the bottom is the same one after it was repaired with the Desert Flex System and with a darker different color. The new color brings the whole area together and will maintain its clean appearance much longer than the white ever did. With a regular cleaning using a mild detergent and a push brush the walkway will continue to keep its new clean look. There are an array of colors available for everyone’s needs. Ask your installer for a color chart associated with the type of system being installed to your deck, walkway or stairway. Remember to consider if it will be a high traffic area or if the tenants are prone to spills and carelessness. Choosing the right color will extend the life of your property and the work for many years to come. Contact us for a quote. 

After Western Magnesite repaired the walkway with the Desert Flex System.


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