The End of the Magnesite Era

The end of the magnesite era has come. In southern California – the only supplier of magnesite will no longer be supplying the product. Hence, we will no longer be able to repair or replace any magnesite decking as of today, but don’t fret. We have two alternate waterproofing systems that are better than magnesite. Those are the Desert Flex System and the Desert Crete Decking System.

The Desert Flex System can go over concrete, polymer modified concrete, magnesite, elastomeric and other such systems. It is a four layer system with a fiberglass and resin layer acting as the main waterproofing barrier. The fiberglass and resin layers allow for movement as well as continued protection even if a crack develops on the surface.

The Desert Crete Decking System is a product that will need to go over 5/8” exterior grade plywood. It is the best product in new construction. This system also has the fiberglass and resin layer and is fire-retardant. It is the best and most used product out of this office.

Both products offered come in either a knockdown finish, orange peel finish or a smooth finish. Though, it is best if we apply the knockdown or orange peel finishes as they provide the most slip resistance. They also come in a variety of color sealers to choose from.

CALL US TODAY AT 1 (800) WEST-MAG (1-800-937-8624)  and speak with the experts on alternative ways to repair your magnesite decking. You can also email us ( today to get your estimate.

2 thoughts on “The End of the Magnesite Era

  1. Jean Zdrazil Reply

    I have two entries with magnesite stairs to my home, built in 1964, one in the front one in the back, each has 1-2 steps that need repair.
    Please give me a call and I can send you pictures of the steps that need repair.

    I live in Newport Beach.
    My cell #909-556-1096

    Thank you,
    Jean Zdrazil

    • Brenda Iniguez Post authorReply

      Hi Jean,

      Thank you for reaching out to Western Magnesite. Please give us a call at (818) 341-3893 to discuss this further. Thank you!

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