TerrazzoStone: A Garage Floor You’ll Adore

For several consecutive years, I had gone to a family friends’ house for an annual dinner gathering. Faced with the dilemma of limited space in their dining, living, and family rooms as the group grew each year, they elected to utilize the garage for the dinner.  I was informed of this fact beforehand and thought the idea strange.  Who would use such a space for dinner?  Aren’t garages dusty, dirty, stained, and an overall undesirable place to consume food?

Then I attended the dinner.  And I couldn’t believe how wrong I was.


The folding tables were beautifully decorated with the usual fine silverware and centerpieces, but the garage shone above and beyond the ensemble.  The floor had a spotless, beige polyurethane coating on it which had the perfect amount of grip, and white cabinets that appeared to lend a sparkle to the space.  I asked the host if he and his wife garaged their cars, and he answered yes.  I was puzzled.  How could that be? The answer was simple, really.  The floor coating itself repelled water, leaks, tire marks, and other spills.  As I watched, a 9 year old dropped a plastic cup filled with cranberry juice on the floor, and his mother simply wiped it away with nothing more than a paper towel.  There was no vestige of the juice having been spilled. Nary a smear. Our host later informed me that he rinsed the floor off the day before the dinner, and that was it. When he and his wife sold their house and moved away, the coating even provided a noticeable increase in the home’s value.

la foto (4)The finished TerrazzoStone Polyurethane coating.

la foto (7)The high-gloss surface is evident in this view.

When you pull into your garage this evening, what will you see?  A concrete floor marred by years of tire marks from driving in and out daily- spotted and marked by leaking oil, condensate, and other unknown stains? Or will you be greeted by a glossy, bright, and inviting floor surface that makes the space pop?  The choice is yours.

TerrazzoStone is available in several colors; with or without texture chips.

Call us today at 800-986-4164 to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable estimator to see how you can make the ordinary extraordinary.  Returning home every day will never be the same!

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