The Importance of a Building’s Aesthetics

Making sure your building looks aesthetically pleasing to potential tenants is not as difficult as it seems! Did this year’s spring rain create cracks or leaks? Do the stairs look rundown or falling apart? Are the common areas a place people want to have bar-b-ques or hangout? All of these aspects attract the right kind of tenant and can keep your current tenants happy, as well as protecting your biggest asset from decay.

People looking for where to live expect different things. One thing that everyone immediately sees is the overall aesthetics of the property. Does it look like a place I can be proud to call my home? Does it appear well maintained? It doesn’t have to cost much either, to make it look like a well maintained building. Giving the walkways and stairs a reseal is a great start. Products like the Desert Flex system, Desert Crete Decking System, and Magnesite lasts longer when properly maintained. So those walkways and stairs that are constantly being used can benefit from these products.

If you are looking for something that will keep and prevent water damage, we have the Desert Crete Decking System. It is 1 hour fire rated and comes in a slew of finishes; color stained, stamped, stenciled, or the traditional knock-down finish. It is a 5 layer non floating system that is durable, tough and long lasting for high traffic areas (like walkways, decks and stairs). This system is waterproof due to its fourth layer of fiberglass and waterproof resin. The resin is applied to the fiberglass making sure it seeps in through the fiberglass making it impenetrable to water.

Another product that we offer is the Desert Flex System. It has a slip resistant knockdown finish and comes in many colors. This product is just as durable as the Desert Crete Decking System, but can be applied to an existing deck. It is waterproofed using the same layer of fiberglass and bonder, but doesn’t have the first layer of metal lath with staples or a second coat of Desert Crete Base. This system does come with an optional clear coat sealer to give it that nice sheen finish.

If your decks and walkways are in great shape and just need a little sprucing up, why not apply a coat of sealer. It will help maintain the waterproof membrane intact and prevent bigger problems such as wood rot to the structure of your property. It will also add the appealing maintained look to your high traffic sun beaten areas.

For more information, visit our website at or give us a call at 800-WESTMAG to schedule your estimate.

This walkway was pressure washed in preparation for a reseal.
Before: The walkway was pressure washed in preparation for a reseal.
The walkway was resealed with the Desert Flex System.
After: The walkway was resealed with the Desert Flex System.

Deck Maintenance

[iphorm_popup id=”2″ name=”Get a Quote Form”]Get your free quote today.[/iphorm_popup]Spring has sprung, and Summer is in the not-too-distant future.  Many already have plans in the works to entertain outside and spend time by the pool.

Every year after the rainy season (which according to some meteorologists may be elongated courtesy of El Nino) homeowners, tenants, and building managers discover that decks are often dirty or discolored.  Surfaces that have not been maintained for an extended period of time may even suffer from damaged subfloors and plywood, which is frequently given away by cracked, bubbling, or soft coatings.

For Magnesite, Desert Crete and Stamped Concrete Overlays, collected dirt and dust is unsightly, and can mask damage due to environment and impacts.  Western Magnesite recommends keeping your decks clean by regular sweeping.  Diluted SimpleGreen will clear up most spills and stains. For more information on cleaning, Western Magnesite also recommends resealing your Magnesite decks every 20 months, and 30 months for Desert Crete or Desert Flex fiberglass-based decks. Resealing keeps your decks looking new, and ensures full warranty coverage.

If you have any doubts about the condition of deck coatings on your property, Western Magnesite Company is here to help. Be sure to give us a call at (800) 937-8624 to request a visit from a knowledgeable estimator.

Make sure your deck is in perfect shape for the summer, so that it will be ready to weather the winter.  With regular care and maintenance, you’ll get years of use and lasting durability out of your deck system.