Welcome to the Western Magnesite blog.  Here you’ll find valuable offers- as well as informative posts- regarding the decks, stairs, flat roofs, walkways, garage floors, and more that we’re here to help you with.

A bit of history about us:

We’ve been in business for over 50 years- and that’s quite a long time.  Since 1961, Western Magnesite Company has been the go-to solution for both the Property Management and Real Estate industries. The proof is evident in that half-century of business. We’ve had a lot of time to perfect and adapt to trends in the waterproofing industry, and to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Western recognizes that when you need work done on your property, you’re looking for a job that is high-quality and provided at a fair price.  That’s why we only use only the finest material at our jobs.  A long-standing relationship with Hill Brothers Chemical Company as a certified applicator of their top-tier Desert Brand product line gives us (and you) that peace of mind.

So, if your building’s walkways, stairs, balconies, or pool decks are looking like they’re in need of a little TLC, give us a call today for an estimate.  1-800-986-4164.

Western Magnesite.  We’ll do the job right.


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