Magnesite Systems

Composed of Magnesium Oxychloride, Magnesite is best equated to an old-time plaster. It is a beautiful, water-resistant flooring system with a high strength/ low weight ratio.

Form, Function, and Beauty
For 60 years, leading architects have specified durable Magnesite for their interior/exterior floorings. The reasons are many. It’s lightweight, yet pound-for-pound stronger than concrete. Water-resistant and non-combustible, it lasts thirty years or more when properly applied and maintained.

More importantly, it requires no creative compromise. From Mediterranean to Modernistic, Magnesite complements virtually any architectural design or style. The only limit is that of the imagination.

Paired with the Desert Flex system that we offer, this system is further reinforced and provides for an even more layered waterproof surface.

Please note:
Due to variations in surface textures, methods of application, and display limitations, the color samples below can only approximate the final color effect.  If desired, please ask your estimator for a color chart or color sample.

Color Chart